Map Adventures ~ BHS Juniors teach our Elementary Students

Señora Dacey and Profe DeSousa’s Spanish IV Juniors spearheaded an adventure through South America last week in the BHS Dance Studio.  Along with the support of the BPS curriculum office, including Mr. Patrick Larkin and Mrs. Rosemary Camacho-DeSousa, we were able to rent a Giant Traveling Map of South America from National Geographic for two weeks this … More Map Adventures ~ BHS Juniors teach our Elementary Students

World Language Picnic in the Park!

Yesterday, the BHS World Language Department celebrated the end of the school year with a picnic in Burlington’s Wildwood Park.  Latin, French, and Spanish club members gathered in the park to enjoy various friendly and competitive Olympic-style games, including three-legged races, potato sac races, and simple “javelin” and “hammer throwing” events.  The students and WL teachers … More World Language Picnic in the Park!

The French Club gets a hole-in-one!

The French Club had a wonderful time mini-golfing this past weekend at the Merrimack Valley Pavilion in Tewskbury, MA. They played 18 holes! They had 2 students, Viviane and Jessie get a hole-in-one. Tyler Lynch’s father has often accompanied them on their excursions and he was one of the three winners. In addition to Mr. Lynch (Tyler’s father), … More The French Club gets a hole-in-one!

Madame Price’s Spanish I Class celebrates el cinco de mayo

Coming to you all live from BHS Room 123 Spanish I class with Sra. Price. We had an array of assorted fine delicacies to top of today’s cuisine… we had authentically created meals as << arroz con pollo>>, <<gazpacho>>, <<enchiladas>>, << papas mexicanas>>, << taquitos>> << tres leches pastel / torta>>, etc. I was particularly … More Madame Price’s Spanish I Class celebrates el cinco de mayo

Boum Canadienne

French III spends several weeks exploring Francophone literature, e.g, literature from North America, Europe, Africa, etc. We have just completed a series of stories from Frissons et chair de poule. Our American counterpart would be Goosebumps, a familiar book for teens. At our <<boum canadienne>> today, students made authentic Canadian recipes such as: une tourtière (pork … More Boum Canadienne

BHS Spanish Students visit Sprouts!

BHS AP Spanish students traveled to Burlington’s Sprouts preschool classroom located at Francis Wyman Elementary School last week to teach Spanish.  Our advanced Spanish learners shared their language knowledge, such as colors, numbers and animal vocabulary en español.  They began their visit with a song activity, including phrases like hola, buenos días, cómo estás, muy bien y tú and … More BHS Spanish Students visit Sprouts!