French Club

Advisor: Monsieur Maguire

IMG_0313The French Club at BHS is comprised of both students who are currently taking French and those who are not. We gather together each month to plan events. Some of the events in which we have partaken throughout the years are: Bake sales,  Barnes & Noble Book Sales to raise money for the French Club, visitation to the Senior Atrium Assistant Living Center to connect with Burlington’s senior citizens, the annual trip to MSMS to perform a French cultural dance during National Foreign Language Week in March, annual Valentine’s Day Floral / Chocolate Sales to raise money for the American Red Cross Haitian Relief, annual volleyball game with the other BHS Foreign Language Clubs, Walk For Hunger in May, Toys for Tots Drive, Citrus Sales, Holiday Multicultural Event at BHS, a Carnival (Mardi Gras) Mask Day and painting murals of French landmarks on various walls in the hallways at BHS. In 2008 we welcomed the French Consulate to our Veteran’s Day Ceremony on the Burlington Common. Members of the French Club gave a welcoming speech in French.

The French Club is a philanthropic club as we generously and annually make a contribution to the American Red Cross Haitian Relief Fund. We have donated funds to various other BHS starter clubs such as the Invisible Children’s Club and the Bookstore / Candy Store at BHS.

We welcome new members at each and every meeting. The French Club’s executive officers contact its members regularly by emailing them to apprise them of the upcoming events and to provide them opportunities to volunteer their services such as providing baked goods, taking orders for various activities during lunch, etc.


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