Italian Club

Advisor: Signora Hoerle


The Italian Club’s mission is to promote Italian culture and friendship and to support hunger relief organizations. Its members participate to school events such as Foreign Language Week and Holiday Traditions. Over the course of the years, the Italian Club has also written and performed several plays in the tradition of Italy’s Commedia dell’Arte. In particular, both Giulietta e Romeo and I due Fanulloni were performed at Burlington High School. Giulietta e Romeo was also performed at Harvard University. Luigino va a scuola was performed at Marshall Simonds Middle School to celebrate Carnevale and, later, our members turned Luigino’s story into a book for middle school students studying Italian. Our current project Italia SI“, Italia NO will be performed for the Burlington Sons of Italy Lodge and for the Italian Exchange students coming to Burlington High School. Our various fund raisers have benefited the Burlington Food Pantry and various charities around the world. At present, Caffe` Italia sells coffee every Friday morning to raise money for a mission in Kenya and Frontline.

This is what some of our members say about the Italian Club:

Sabrina: “The Italian Club is a great way for students to come together and express their interests about Italy.”

Louis: “Being in the Italian Club has meant a lot to me. I have met so many new friends who I know I will have a connection with forever!”

Tom: “From its Renaissance to its bustling coffee sales, the Italian Club adds an element of Surprise to anybody interested in European extravaganza.”

Rachel: “I’ve been in Italian Club for 4 years and it’s the only one I have stuck with which seems a lot. I love Italian Club. We always do fun things together and raise money for good causes. We a like a little family which is what being Italian is about.”

Brianna: “I love Italian Club. I always look forward to it every other Thursday. I love hanging out with my fellow Italian Club members…never a dull moment with us–G. L.I. all day long.”

Katya: “The Italian Club is very enjoyable! I love that we continue to learn about the Italian language and culture even outside the classroom setting.”

Danny and Nick: “The Italian club is a great organization that helps the community while creating an enjoyable experience for its members. It also allows us to learn about the Italian culture and work on our Italian skills.”

Sabrina: “Italian Club is the only club I’ve stuck with for 4 years. It is fun getting together with other students in the club. We do fun activities.”

Katie: “I really enjoy the Italian Club because we are able to do many fun activities and we raise money to give to hunger relief organizations.”

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