Italian Exchange Program

Since 2006, Burlington High School has participated in a student Exchange Program with Istituto Tecnico Pilati of Cles in Northern Italy. In September 2013, a group of about 25 students will travel to Cles to live with a host family. During their stay in Italy, BHS students will attend school, participate in cultural activities and field trips. In the past, BHS students have visited local tourist attractions, Verona, Trento, Venice, and Sirmione on Lake Garda. Please visit our blog site here.

Spanish Exchange Program

Since 2013, Burlington High School has participated in a Student Exchange Program with Collado Villalba High School in the province of Madrid, Spain.  Every other year, about 20 students, accompanied by BHS Spanish teachers Profesora De Sousa and Señora DiCroce, travel to Spain for two weeks in February to live with a host family and attend classes at a local high school.  Aside from attending classes daily, students partake in cultural activities and excursions to nearby cities, including Madrid, Toledo, El Escorial, and Granada all the while enhancing their Spanish language skills and cultural knowledge.  During that same academic year, high school students from Collado Villalba visit BHS for two weeks and stay with a BHS host student in their home.

Please visit our blog here: BHS Spanish Exchange


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