Latin, Classical Roots of Western Civilization

454 (CP I) Classical Roots of Western Civilization

Prerequisite – None; Grades 11, 12

5 per/wk – 2 1/2 credits

This semester-long interdisciplinary high school elective will provide an opportunity for students to explore two of the Western world’s most influential societies, Greece and Rome, and their languages.  Students will assess and analyze the impact of these great civilizations on Modern Western and especially American society while receiving some of the many benefits of studying Greek and Latin (improved GPAs, higher SAT scores, greater achievement in the study of modern foreign languages).  Designed for all juniors and seniors, it is composed of two roughly equal parts, covering first Ancient Greece and Greek language, then Ancient Rome and Latin, allowing students to gain a broad, meaningful and applicable understanding of two of the foundational cultures and languages of western society.  Students will use current technology to explore monuments, museums, artifacts and texts of these two civilizations and to create shareable media comparing them to one another and to their own culture.

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