Check out how BHS Italian students celebrate Italian Heritage Month!

BHS Italian teachers, Signora Hoerle and Signora Gentile, recognize Italian Heritage month in October both inside and outside of their classroom. This year, the Italian teachers and their students created another masterpiece that is proudly displayed in the hallway of BHS. Last year’s art creation featured photos of famous Italians living in the United States as well as Italian American family members of BHS faculty, staff, and students. Additionally, the project represented Italian immigration to the US and the ways in which Italian Americans contributed to the life and culture of the US. This year’s art display features hands of students and staff that show their visions of Italian and American values, interests, and customs on each finger. In view of our school’s essential question — How do we strive for real and lasting happiness? — they are offering a new “happier” interpretation of this country’s Italian heritage. Stop by the hallway near the BPS’s Central Office to catch a glimpse of this lovely cultural display!IMG_3105IMG_3106IMG_3107IMG_3108

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