BHS Junior, Sarah Newhall, is this year’s Kenton Wells Book Award Recipient

The BHS World Language Department is pleased to announce that this year’s Kenton Wells Junior Book Award recipient is Sarah Newhall. Currently, Sarah is a junior in Profe De Sousa’s Spanish IV honors class. During her junior year, Sarah participated in the Spanish Exchange program where she hosted a Spanish student for two weeks and lived with her host student in Collado Villalba, Spain for two weeks in February. Next year, Sarah will be enrolled in the AP Spanish course where she will continue to expand her Spanish language knowledge and the cultures of the Spanish speaking world.  IMG_9080.jpg

The Kenton Wells Book Award is presented in memory of a retired Burlington High School permanent substitute teacher, who was passionate about language, learning, and world travel. The book is awarded to a junior who is a member of the National Honor Society, in good academic standing, and who has given evidence of a high level of achievement in one or more of the foreign languages.

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