Spanish Exchange Program is underway at BHS

We are officially halfway done with our fourth iteration of the Spanish Exchange Program between Burlington High School and I.E.S. Lázaro Cárdenas.  During the first two weeks of November, thirty high school students joined us and stayed with thirty different Burlington families.

Our two weeks were jam packed with “typical american” experiences. While in Burlington, our friends got to ride the yellow school bus, something that seems so normal to us is something straight out of the movies for them.  They took the school bus to visit Salem, the Museum of Science, Harvard Square, the Aquarium, a Celtics vs. Bulls game, and the famous Boston walk where we start at Bunker Hill Monument and walk all the way to the Prudential.

While our Spanish friends were here, they also were able to attend classes for four school days and really experience the normal life of their counterpart.  After school, they had time to get to know their American families. In addition, they got to experience a pasta party at la casa Waisnor and an evening at the trampoline park to name a few.

We are excited to visit our friends in Collado Villalba in February!



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