Spanish II Honors- Frida Kahlo project

As part of the Spanish II unit on Beauty and Aesthetics, Mrs. Hoerle’s Spanish II Honors class investigated Frida Kahlo’s artwork. Since much of Frida Kahlo’s paintings are biographical, the class began by discussing Frida Kahlo’s tragic youth, her fight to recover from polio as a small child, and the severe bus accident in which she was involved when she was 18. Students then chose their favorite painting by Frida Kahlo and reproduced it as best as they could using pencils, acrylic paint, or watercolor. The second part of the project consisted in describing Frida Kahlo’s paintings by using the vocabulary and grammatical structures that the class had been learning. Students’ paragraphs were all very insightful. Interpreting Frida Kahlo’s work with their own skills, helped them observe aspects of Frida Kahlo’s paintings that had escaped them at first glance.



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