1st Day of School! ¡El primer día de clases!

What do you do with 17 AP Spanish students during last period of the 1st day of school in a heat wave? Bring back some good old-fashioned fun – puzzles! Señora Dacey’s AP Spanish students kicked off the start of school with a 60 – 100 count puzzle competition. In groups of two, students competed to see who could complete their puzzle first while only conversing en español. Throughout the competition, one could hear “el borde“, “toma“, “a la izquierda“, “a la derecha“, “ponla aquí“, etc. It was music to any Spanish teacher’s ears!

Upon completion of the puzzle, groups took it upon themselves to expand their collaboration skills with other groups to help provide assistance with their puzzles. Afterwards, students described the image of their puzzle in the target language, using details and advanced Spanish accent and fluency. One thing that all students learned was building a puzzle is quite a challenge; forcing them to maintain focus while completing a task. Without a doubt Day 1 was fun, engaging, and memorable for both the students and teacher!


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