AP Spanish Graduates teach Spanish at Sprouts

photo 2While many BHS seniors are spending this week preparing for their big graduation day, three graduating AP Spanish students are spending their afternoons at Burlington’s Sprouts preschool classroom teaching Spanish.  Maya Grubner, Ashwini Kulkarni, and Needa Shaikh signed up to teach Spanish lessons to the preschoolers during the month of June as they kick off their summer vacation.  These graduating seniors successfully completed the AP Spanish program at BHS and are applying what they learned in the preschool classroom setting.  Last week, they met with Spanish teacher, Señora Dacey, and created a three-week curriculum focusing on teaching numbers, colors, letters, occupations, and greetings in Spanish.  This week, they created a fun and engaging lesson plan that involved signing, coloring, communicating in small groups, listening to children’s books, and dancing.

This past March, Señora Dacey’s AP Spanish class visited Sprouts preschool and taught the kids Spanish one morning.  After the success that both the high school and preschool students experienced during that visit, it was evident that both the preschoolers and high school students would benefit from an enrichment program on a weekly basis.  Once the school year came to a close for seniors, Señora Dacey knew it would be beneficial to put some of the seniors to work in the Sprouts preschool class teaching their knowledge of Spanish to the young students of the Burlington school community.

photo 3This past week, Maya, Ashwini, and Needa had a blast teaching “los números y los colores en español”.  A huge thank you to BHS Principal Mark Sullivan and Sprouts director Dianne Lavoie for supporting this program and seeing its potential, which is making a positive impact on our BHS students and Sprouts students!


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