Helpful Apps to Show Student Reading Comprehension

Helpful Apps to Show Student Reading Comprehension

Thank you, Ms. Jennifer Scheffer!

written by Spanish Teacher, Mrs. Dacey

Yesterday, I was fortunate to meet with BHS Technology Integration Specialist, Ms. Jennifer Scheffer, and one of her help desk students to discuss which resources would best display what my students are understanding as they read a short story in Spanish, called Mejor que perros.  The story is an historical fiction piece that highlights the struggle of the lower class society during the Mexican Revolution in the early 1900s.  I expressed to Ms. Scheffer that I wanted my students to narrate and summarize parts of the story in their own words and in Spanish as well as to illustrate a scene to show their vocabulary and content comprehension.  After listening to the outcomes that I expected from my students, Ms. Scheffer recommended the applications, 30Hands and Tellagami.  Immediately, I decided to explore the Tellagami app and, with the help of Ms. Scheffer, I created a sample that highlighted the first part of the short story (check out the model here).  Later in class, students read the second part of the story and created their own Tellagami, which presented their understanding of the reading.

Check out what some of the students created below:


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