BHS’s own Magister Stringer!

Latin Club

Mr. Stringer, BHS Latin teacher, was invited to BCAT studios last month to inform the Burlington community about his approach to teaching spoken Latin in the classroom (here is a video of him teaching).  Mr. Stringer received a graduate degree of Latin and Classical Humanities from UMASS Boston’s College of Liberal Arts.  During his graduate studies, he researched and examined the benefits to teaching Latin students in the target language.  In the traditional Latin classroom, students learn to read and translate.  However, Mr. Stringer challenges his students to read and to comprehend written text as well as to produce the language in both spoken and written form.  Most notably, Mr. Stringer has presented his teaching practices at the Massachusetts Association of Foreign Language annual conferences in recent years.  He is also an active member in the Classical Association of Massachusetts and the Classical Association of New England.  Lastly, Mr. Stringer spends his summers in Rome, Italy and throughout various European countries where he creates active teaching materials (check out his video that he created from Italica, Spain!) when visiting ancient sites and brings those resources back to his classroom.  Check out his interview on BCAT and hear what two of his current students are saying about his Latin course.


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