Educating students in an authentic environment

photo 2
Señora Dacey was quite impressed when Spanish students recognized the famous Picasso painting of Guernica on the wall of the restaurant.
photo 3
Check out the delicious Queso Manchego served with delicious Spanish olives and bread. ¡Qué rico!

photo 1Yesterday evening the Spanish Club, along with club advisor Señora Dacey, dined at  Pintxo Pincho, a local authentic Spanish tapas restaurant located on Main Street in Woburn.  The group was greeted by the restaurant’s friendly owner, Pepe a Spanish native from the northern Galicia region.   While checking out the menu, the waiters educated the students about the various pinchos and tapas offered, which ranged from seafood to chicken and sausage to vegetarian options.  BHS junior, Tim Sullivan, was the superhero among the group of students, trying everything from conejo (rabbit) to quail legs to deliciously seasoned gambas (prawns).  Watching admirably from across the table were BHS freshmen Laura Barrera and Akshita Agarwal.  Both girls were trying authentic Spanish cuisine for the first time, which they played it safe by tasting the popular tortilla española (Spanish egg and potato omelet) and pan con tomate.  BHS juniors, Sam Marchese, Elise Cimino, and Samantha Poulin tried the tortilla as well as the chorizo (spicy Spanish sausage) and chicken empanadilla (turnover).  Students shared a relaxing evening of learning Spanish culture, eating, and socializing with peers outside of the Spanish classroom.

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