Spanish Club donates food to YWCA…

Yesterday, the BHS Spanish Club delivered over 15 boxes full of food donations for the YWCA Lawrence Fina House, a shelter for women.  With the help of the BHS French Club, Profe De Sousa, and Srta. Walton’s Spanish classes, the students were able to collect cereal, milk, baby formula, soups, pasta, sugar, rice, flour, beans, and so much more to fill the Fina House pantry.

photo 2
BHS Spanish Club about to deliver the food donations to Lawrence’s YWCA Fina House.

After their visit to Fina House, the students toured the Taza Chocolate Factory in Somerville, MA.  Students learned where cacao beans come from and how Taza chocolate is made throughout their factory tour.  Most importantly, students were able to sample the delicious varieties of chocolate and purchase some bars for family and friends.

photo 1
BHS Spanish Club students touring the Taza Chocolate factory.

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