Sra. Price’s Spanish Class celebrates El Día de los Muertos

This week, Señora Price’s Spanish class researched a famous painter, writer, or artist whose contributions enhanced the Spanish / Hispanic worlds. They had to do research on this person in order to answer the accompanying questions (see the list below).  Sra. Price purchased the condiments with which they used to adorn the cupcakes that she made.  Students had to elaborate upon why they chose the toppings and how they related to the person whom they researched. They had fun doing this little project and she was exceptionally pleased to see them helping her with the clean-up part of the project!!


Días de los Muertos: Students researched the famous historical figures below:

1. Miguel de Cervantes

2. Alfonso X, el Sabio

3. Garcilaso de la Vega

4. Pardo Bazán

5. José Martínez Ruiz

6. García Lorca

7. Andrés Segovia

8.José de Ribera

9. Francisco Goya

10. Pablo Picasso

11. Salvador Dalí

12. Diego Veláquez

After you know which famous person you’ll be researching, you will be ready to

begin your project for Día de los Muertos. Please answer the following questions

in full sentences.

1. In which profession was this person?

2. Where did this person work? For whom?

3. Describe this person’s childhood. What were some of his / her interests?

4. Describe this person’s adulthood. What were some of his / her talents and / or


5. Was this person successful at his / her career? How do you know this?

6. What are the first expressions which come to your mind when you think of htis


7. What contributions has this person brought to the Spanish / Hispanic world?

8. Why did you choose these candies for your cake? How do they represent the

author / painter / musician?


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