Memorial Day Ceremony in Burlington features BHS French Class

Bonjour Tous!


BHS’s French IV / V class was honored today to have Mr. Robert Hogan, Director of  the Veterans Services in Burlington come to speak to the class.
These four students, Twinkle Patel, Amanda O’Donnell, Colin Raposo, and Praveen Menon will be reading letters decoded in French and in English by our French class to two mayors from the province of Normandy, France.  These four students will be speaking on Monday, May 26th at the Memorial Day Ceremony at the Chestnut Hill Cemetery in Burlington.  All four are members of the BHS Marching Band.
In appreciation in fulfilling one of our goals, to take the beautiful French language into the community in an authentic and real-world setting / task, Mr. Hogan presented us with the book, Saint-Côme-du-Mont Témoins d’hier. The mayors with whom we corresponded are from this beautiful province of Saint-Côme-du-Mont Normandy. 
If you are able, please join us at the Memorial Day Ceremony at the Chestnut Hill Cemetery on Monday, May 26th at 9 am

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