BHS National Latin Exam

Burlington High School Latin students demonstrated again this year that they are ahead of the curve, delivering an outstanding performance on the annual National Latin Exam and improving on last year’s strong showing.  Scores increased almost across the board, both individually and as classes, with BHS students earning a total of 5 medals, 4 Silver and 1 Gold (over 2 silver medals the previous year), and in total 18 of 44 students received Latin honors (41%), as compared with 11 of 30 (37%) from a year ago.  Most impressive were the sophomore and junior classes, who posted the biggest gains from a year ago.  As a class, the juniors improved by nearly 2 points (1.8 or 4.5% increase) and went from 3 total awards to 4.  Meanwhile the sophomores increased by a total of just over 3 points (3.06 or 7.7%) and went from 6 total awards to 9, including 2 Silver Medals this year.


While Burlington’s overall performance as a school is noteworthy, it was driven by many incredible individual performances.  First and foremost, freshman Anusha Datar earned the school’s first ever Gold Medal, summa cum laude, posting an enviable 35 out of 40.  Next, the performances of fellow freshman Aysha Afzal and John Francis Hornicek each garnered Silver Medals, maxima cum laude, with scores of 32 and 31, respectively.  Sophomores Luke Iler and Shiv Gandhi also brought home Silver Medals, having notched great scores of 34 and 33, respectively, with Mr. Iler improving by 6 points over last year’s showing. Finally, the sophomore class also posted the biggest individual gains with two students, Yash Bhalla and Stephen Clarke, improving their total scores by an impressive 8 points over a year ago, qualifying both of them for Magna cum Laude honors.


Overall, the 2014 National Latin Exam was a remarkable success for the students of Burlington High School and a full list of all of our 2014 award winners followers here:


Gold Medal, Summa cum Laude Anusha Datar, 2017

Silver Medal, Maxima cum Laude Luke Iler, 2016

Silver Medal, Maxima cum Laude Shiv Gandhi, 2016

Silver Medal, Maxima cum Laude Aysha Afzal, 2017

Silver Medal, Maxima cum Laude John Francis Hornicek, 2017

Magna Cum Laude Shinji Coram, 2016

Magna Cum Laude R. J. Hovasse, 2016

Magna Cum Laude Hannah Miksenas, 2016

Magna Cum Laude Yash Bhalla, 2016

Magna Cum Laude Stephen Clarke, 2016

Magna Cum Laude Shivesh Shah, 2015

Magna Cum Laude Parina Patel, 2015

Magna Cum Laude Zachary Glantz, 2017

Cum Laude Joshua Bennett, 2014

Cum Laude Marielle Parker, 2015

Cum Laude Gina Gilstrap, 2015

Cum Laude Jackson Towle, 2016

Cum Laude Demitria Tsitsopolous, 2016


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