BHS Latin Cheers on a Boston Celtics Victory

On this past Monday, November 11th, the Burlington High School Latin club toga-ed up and headed into the city to watch the Boston Celtics defeat the Orlando Magic.  Thirteen students of all grades accompanied Mr. Stringer and a handful of other Burlington teachers including Ms. Walton, Ms. Bilotta, Ms. Palmer, Ms. Robinson and Mr. Conceison to the TD Garden in Boston for the game.  Exciting moments of the evening included seeing the club’s name in a welcome message as well as an impromptu dance session during a timeout both being featured on the arena’s jumbotron.  However, the true highlight of the evening had to be when a photo of the club holding letters spelling out “BHS LATIN” and “EAMVS CELTICI” (Latin for “Let’s go Celtics!”) was featured by the official Boston Celtics Twitter account and quickly received dozens of likes and re-tweets.  All in all, it was a very successful event and it is likely one that will become an annual favorite!



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