Foreign Language Week Buffet

All first period Foreign Language classes participated in our first annual “Foreign Language Week Kick Off Buffet”.  French, Italian, Latin, and Spanish students prepared breakfast items from their perspective countries that they researched in their language class.  Upon entering the cafeteria this morning, students displayed their food item, described its’ ingredients and origin, and began sampling the cuisine prepared by their BHS peers.  This activity was a wonderful opportunity for all language students to mingle with students in other language classes and indulge in the typical dishes from various countries.

spanish food
Spanish food from Señora Dacey’s Spanish IV class (flan, tortilla española, torta de estrella, panqueques)
chickpea salad
Chickpea salad prepared by Señora Abbott’s Spanish III student
desousa's food
Señorita De Sousa’s Spanish I class
french food
French delicacies from Madame Price’s students
italian food
Italian cuisine from Signora Hoerle’s Italian students
latin food
Mr. Stringer’s Latin V students brought in grapes, grape juice, bread, prosciutto and honey…yum!

magdelenas platanos al horno quesadilla


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