New Spanish elective course offered next year!

The Foreign Language Department created a second Spanish elective for Spanish students interested in continuing their knowledge of the culture and history of Spanish-speaking countries.  This course is offered as a semester long course and joins the other Spanish elective, Spanish for Health Careers, which is offered during the other semester.  Students that qualify for the Spanish electives, Spanish for Health Careers and Spanish Culture Through Film and Music, must first fulfill the full two-year language requirement.


525 (CP I) Spanish Culture Through Film and Music   Grades 11, 12
Prerequisite – 2 consecutive years Spanish  5 per/wk–2 ½ credits
Recommended grade of B- or better in Spanish II, III, or IV
Semester Course
Students will explore the history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries through film and music.  Students will utilize higher level thinking skills such as analyzing, criticizing, comparing, contrasting, and expressing opinions through discussions and written assessments.

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